Adopt a coin

By adopting a coin or medal you are supporting the documentation of our holdings and their publication in our Online Catalogue. You may select any number of objects for 25,- EUR each from those already published online (see under "Holdings"/ "Vault") or you may adopt coins that have not yet been documented online. In this case, please do contact us to discuss your area of interest.

For German residents, your donation is tax-deductible. For amounts up to 200,- EUR a transfer voucher will be accepted by the Tax and Revenue Office. For larger donations, the Förderverein Rostocker Freunde der Altertumswissenschaften e.V. will be pleased to issue a receipt.

If you want, your name will be added to the object entry in the Online Catalogue.


Your donation is used exclusively for the ongoing documentation of our holdings. Each individual donation covers the costs of scientific documentation of one object. If you donate for an unpublished object, the coin adopted will be processed into our Online Catalogue by (undergraduate or graduate) students supervised by the academic staff.

Thus by adopting a coin, you help us to provide more information on an ever growing number of objects from our holdings through the Museum’s Online Catalogue. In addition, you encourage future generations of archaeologists currently in training by financial support and providing an opportunity to deepen their studies of particular objects in our collection.

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